as the
                                               of your
                                             light fades
                                     my days grow dark.

                                    my nights are lit with
                                   electric bulbs. I cannot
                                   sleep. I am afraid of the
                                  dark. I am afraid of that
                              you will finally gone and then
                             fade away. I am afraid that you
                                   will never return. I am
                              afraid that my next thought
                                will be of you. I am afraid
                               that I will run out of poems
                                  before I run out of pain.

– r p b (original)

Let God.

​We’re always there for them
Even on the good and rough times
Even on the best or worst
We want to keep them coz we are the real keepers

But always remember
Or maybe now

Someone giving them much attention than yours
Someone that they can gain needed affection and
They’ll be attracted nor
They’ll be finally inlove

After that
They will be disappear
And gone

So slow down and cherish
Just do your very best
And let God
Take the rest

– r p b  (original)

Upside down

I don’t
Why some things
Are like this

How can
Turn your world
Upside down

Turn your
Days to best and
Turn some
Nights to worse

What’s the
Spell they have
Behind those
Charming faces

What’s the
Black magic
Behind those
Chaos words

Is it’s just
A trap
A puzzle
A nothing

All of these
Please don’t
Choose anyone

Please tell
It’s all worth it
Coz’ it leads straight
To the heart

– r p b   (original)


But even the
Rays of the sun & light of the moon
Yearning and believe to the
Love you can give
Eternally, endlessly

And at the end of
Nights and
Days, always
Remember you’re
Enough to someone
Who see your worth, the
Someone who will never left

Forever can exist
Of course it does just
Risk for once
Make chances
Aim best baby
Let me fill this
Empty spaces &
Jump with me
On this thing we called “love”
– r p b  (original)