The one that got away

I keep trying to find you 

in everyone else 

but maybe I’m not meant to find another you 

because you will eventually come back to me

-rania naim



the last day of my
loving you is
at hand.

in hand,
a pen, writing one of
the last poems
exclusively yours.

my pain fades,
as autumn did.

winter is too intense
a season to miss
someone in.

the last leaf
fell today.

the first snow
falls tonight.


At some point of present time
I feel a lil bit of regrets
Of not taking a chance
Since the day you catch my eyes

It’s funny that I wonder
Way back to the 8th of September
All of these;
What if’s on my mind
Should have at my plan

But dear, thoughts ruining here
Even if today or back then
I knew timing is a bitch
It wouldn’t change nothing to something
– r p b (original)